Gratatech is all about integrating robustness with simplicity. We at Gratatech always believe in developing simple solutions based on your needs and combining them with services of different nature. With an experience spread across a wide spectrum of categories, we believe we are prepared to take on bigger challenges and step into a larger, more competitive but growing market with consistently varying customer needs. We try to incorporate best practices to our development strategies and try to provide our clients with the best we can.

Why us?

Custom Solutions

Developing a web project or an application can stumble into lots of stops and shortcomings along the way. However, this means, that it’s then when the most skillful coding team manages to handle the issue and make it work.

Our Experience

We are proud of our backgrounds and our experiences, all of which combine together to form a unique skill set capable of delivering, even to the most complex of clients that we come across.

We understand

We are a company that seeks to understand our prospective clients as a normal user would. That is why our experts will talk to you and develop their solutions based on the user story they are presented with.

Featured Digital Solution

Information Security


Business Intelligence

Mobile Application

Web Application



Gratatech provides Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions which can be customized for your particular business need. We help in digitally empowering the businesses with fast, affordable, and scalable solutions. Our solutions are designed to be simple and engaging.


We bring the best digital solution for the small businesses and local traders to increase the productivity of their business.


Streamline your communication with the help of our simple and easy to operate texting portal.



Administration, Monitoring, Performance Tuning, Architecture & Design, Auditing, Warehousing, Cross-Platform Integration, and Consultancy.


Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Information Security

Firewall Implementation, Network Security Application, Penetration Testing, VPN Implementation, Active Directory Services and Intrusion Detection Systems.



Find the right IT training for your employee

Whether your team needs a productivity boost or whether you need a new skill set, experts at Gratatech can help you find the right IT training for you and your organization.

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